Profile of the Organization

Advance Information Management Society, fondly known as AIMS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), having its registered Head Office at Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. AIMS is working since MAY 2003 having the registration certificate number. – 4541 Ujjain under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act, 1973 and having a better experience in the field of Social Welfare and upliftment of the Society. Our society worked from last 11 years in the field of Rural Development, Community Development, Health, Tribal Education, HIV Aids and Child Labor.

Advance Information Management Society is assigned responsibility of carrying out both the activities keeping in view the following objectives. Strengthened service delivery mechanism for improving service coverage and promoting behavior adoption among the rural poor community .Increased community capacity among the rural poor to co-ordinate and negotiate with service providers for availing R.C.H. services. StrengthenedĀ  and effective linkage with department of Health and family Welfare and establishment of Inter sectoralĀ  co-ordination committee., Environment Awareness, Vocational Training Program AIDS Awareness Program, Programs for development of SC/ST, Child Labor Welfare, Computer Literacy and related works. During this tenure society undertakes various Environment Camps, Rally, Seminars, Nukkad Natak to aware the society about the importance of Environment for all human beings and also tried to literate the society how to reduce the pollution and how to save our environment.

Society also undertakes Vocational Training Programs for making a community self-independent and to develop the society and youths for making them self-independent. Society also undertakes AIOS Awareness Camp to aware the society about its effect and to know how to prevent the same. All the body members of the society are fully literate and are capable to undertake any type of project to promote the society and to literate the community about the various aspects of Life. In the light of the past experience and having a good knowledge base of the body members, society has initiated various short term and long term project for one to four months vocational training courses or other technical training camps “for women to make them self-independent and self employed by getting training in the field of Silai- Kadai, Handloom, Bunai, Soft toys making, Woolen work, Computer Training Courses and related activities.

The basic objectives of the AIMS is to promote the society by running various programs for the welfare of the society with the support of public, society members and with the help of Government Grants to promote the social values and to uplift the poor segments and weaker sections and make them aware of their rights. During the tenure since 1993 society undertakes the following programs for the welfare of the Society/Community

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